Pink Fire

My current body of work, Pink Fire, is an investigation into the mythology of girlhood. As a child surrounded by pink and plush and delicate things, an unease was always present. As if the softness was overcompensating for something. My father was afraid of house fires and it led me to believe that the event was inevitable, that one day my pink-washed environment would smother me. 

These memories foreshadowed the obstacles that come with the experience of walking through the world as a women. The allure of gentleness, femininity, and fragility that beckons us from girlhood. It shimmers like a soft light, drawing us forth until we are engulfed by its suffocating weight. 

Through these images, I am revisiting the anxieties of my girlhood bedroom and the traumas that can smolder for years until a spark sets them ablaze. I make landscapes of pretty fires in shades of pink. The flames are made of typical childish things, like the fur from stuffed animals, or frantic scribbles that echo the static and unease of childhood.