The Space Between My Legs (TSBML)

This project is a cheeky reaction to my experience walking through life as a women. I have noticed a clear fear society has with everything to do with the space between my legs. 

They want to covet the space, call it obscene, control it, and use it as a scapegoat. While I can find no real reason for such abuse, I have simply concluded that there must be a societal fear of this space. To deal with this anomaly, I have started a series of prints and soft sculptures that allow the public, and myself, to engage in exposure therapy with the space between my legs. 

The prints are tracings of the shapes that occur as I change the positions of my legs. Within them, I work through various mark making experiments to manifest my own conflicting emotions with the shapes.  

The pillows are for others. They are tactile therapy objects that are pleasant and soft and inviting. People are encouraged to hold and touch them, to become desensitized to the space between my legs. This will lesson their fear and hopefully decrease the aggression towards it. 

Both branches of the projects are producing duplicates of the space between my legs. By producing more and more shapes, I am increasing the space taken up by the space between my legs.